Common Problems of asphalt mixer

18 Nov 2018 13:20

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mixer-300x225.jpg Asphalt smoke refers to the hydrocarbon organic particulate matter emitted in the production process of petroleum bitumen and asphalt products and a small amount of gaseous hydrocarbon substances at normal temperature, it is a mixed type of flue gas containing complex chemicals, the main component is hydrocarbon mixture, of which polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have the most substances.Asphalt smoke contains a strong carcinogen benzene and pyrene and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon substances.Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon substances in the atmosphere are an important cause of the rise of respiratory cancer.Pure benzene and pyrene is a yellow needle crystal, boiling point of 310 ℃, melting point 179 ℃, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, is a strong carcinogen, can cause skin cancer, in bitumen flue gas, easy to attach to the particle size of 8. On particulate matter below 0um.According to the above analysis, it is necessary to make the transformation of the thermal conductivity oil heating system of the asphalt mixing station, including the position of the higher oil filling tank, the installation of the exhaust valve, the trimming of the conveyor pipe, and the addition of the booster pump and the insulation layer.After improvement, the temperature of asphalt mixing station only meets the requirements, and the parts are running normally.  Exclusion method: ① will bow fan from the body removed, welding repair positive and good dynamic balance, you can eliminate the noise.② with a mop to clean the leaves, remove the dust, remove the hard block.③ pay attention to bearing lubrication maintenance, timely addition of calcium base grease, if the bearing has been damaged, ablation, it must be replaced.We found that when the asphalt mixing station was operating under low temperature, because the asphalt circulating pump and spraying pump could not operate, the asphalt in the asphalt scale solidified, which eventually caused the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant mixing station to fail to produce normally.After inspection, it is proved that the asphalt in the asphalt pipeline does not meet the requirements, which causes the bitumen in the pipeline to solidify.Emma Road Construction machinery technology to provide efficient, high-performance, durable unit equipment and structure, the accuracy of each weighing unit can be improved control, can prevent environmental pollution, but not satisfactory, we also need to make every effort to develop efficient, economical and productive plants and equipment to meet the needs of all specific customers abroad.The specific reason is that there are four possibilities, one is that the high oil tank of the heat conduction oil is too low, resulting in a poor circulation of the heat conduction oil; the other is the eccentricity of the inner layer tube of the double tube; the other is that the heat conduction tubing passes long;In the process of asphalt stirring, heating is one of the indispensable links, so the asphalt mixing station will inevitably be set up with heating system.This system can malfunction under the influence of various factors, which indicates that the heating system must be modified.aspahlt-for-sale-LB700-1.jpg   Main reasons: After a certain period of work, the drying cylinder is affected by alternating load and high temperature, coupled with the drying of grease, so that the wheel rail and the wheel between the formation of dry friction, by the drying material gravity, so that the machine shaking violently, resulting in uneven force of the wheel and rail and wheel.In the above case, if the gap between the wheel and the wheel rail is improperly adjusted, or if the position of each other is skewed, it is easy to occur the above fault phenomenon.Key points of construction quality control(1) Milling material in the factory after crushing, screening into particle size 0~10mm and 10~25mm two kinds of milling material specifications.Use two cold silo to ensure a stable grading when mixing the material.(3) Absorption method It uses various mixed components in asphalt flue gas to have different solubility in the absorber, or the active component in the absorber reacts with a certain component to achieve the purpose of treating the asphalt flue gas.Generally use gasoline, diesel and other substances for absorption, this method system resistance is small, low energy consumption, simple equipment, easy maintenance, but the purification rate is not high, flammable, also not easy to adopt;(2) The principle of electrostatic capture of asphalt flue gas by electric catch method is the same as that of electrostatic precipitator, not only through the fan to send asphalt smoke into the electric field, through the yin and yang Poles, with the help of Corona discharge, so that the particles of asphalt smoke charged and adsorbed to the plate, to separate the asphalt smoke and gas for the purpose.Dry-type electric catcher for gas phase components capture efficiency is very low, and wet electric catcher can capture gaseous bitumen, but wet electrical supplements produce electric waste wastewater, resulting in two pollution.

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